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TickCheck Tick Testing Reviews

Did you just find a tick on yourself or a loved one? TickCheck can test your tick and determine whether it carries the bacteria that transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

TickCheck Tick Testing is a university-affiliated lab in Pennsylvania that is dedicated to providing laboratory-quality tick testing to people in high-risk areas for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases nationwide.

Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the fastest, most accurate tick testing results. We are happy to have been able to help thousands of people and pets identify exposure to tick-borne diseases. Our testing services are trusted by doctors, veterinarians, government agencies, and companies nationwide.

We're proud to have earned excellent reviews from our customers! Our team is here to help if you have any questions, and we stand behind every tick we test. Got a tick? Order a tick test now!

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Recent Reviews from TickCheck Customers:

TickCheck Customer Review from Leanne Brown

Leanne Brown 2 months ago


I am glad to have this service by TickCheck for testing ticks. The only issue I had was the discrepancy between the type of tick they initially told me I had and the final one when I actually sent the tick in to the lab and paid to have it analyzed. So be aware, they are not always accurate with looking at a photo vs. actually having the tick in the lab to analyze. Still, I think it was worth sending it in to be analyzed. Also, it would have been helpful to have that info. on TickCheck website somewhere that a photo may not be sufficient to discerning the type of tick, no matter how good your photo is. In addition, if they would include the accuracy might depend on how engorged the tick is. FYI. All in all, the purpose of testing for Lyme's was accomplished and for that I am grateful because now I don't have to worry about whether or not my son has Lyme's. $50 for peace of mind is worth it.

TickCheck Customer Review from Joseph Januszkiewicz

Joseph Januszkiewicz 3 months ago


A quick, easy, and affordable way to check your tick. Before testing even began I was informed of the tick species, which by itself made me less worried. I called in with a few questions before I sent the specimen and was promptly helped. If I find another tick in the future, I know where I'll send it!

TickCheck Customer Review from Tracy Lemmons

Tracy Lemmons a month ago


Highly recommended. I was referred to this company by one of our college professors in regards to tick bites. Wow!!! They’re super prompt and I used back in May for the initial pathogens and called two days ago and they still had my Tick on file and was able to retest for additional pathogens… Wonderful customer service!!! ~ Tracy Lemmons Indiana

TickCheck Customer Review from P K

P K 2 months ago


This is a fantastic service. Although we take precautions to avoid getting ticks we can't completely avoid them when we hike in the woods. This service provides peace of mind whether it's knowing a tick tested negative or that I treatment needs to be sought. It's not worth your long-term health. Get it tested!

TickCheck Customer Review from Oksana X

Oksana X a week ago


Grateful for fast and smooth service. It was easy to mail the tick, it was received and processed in just a few days and we got our answer quickly.

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Did you just find a tick on yourself or a loved one? TickCheck can test your tick and determine whether it carries the bacteria that transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.