⚠️ Due to a building fire at our office, the ESU Innovation Center, all TickCheck testing orders will be heavily delayed while lab operations are migrated to the ESU Science and Technology Center. Orders have a 7 business day turn around time after check-in. Check-in refers to the point when mail is opened and specimens are identified and set for testing. Orders might not be checked in for up to 1 week after delivery due to a backlog in previously delivered mail. If you'd like to cancel your order you must do so before your tick is checked-in for processing. Call or email to cancel. ⚠️

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TickCheck Tick Testing Reviews

Did you just find a tick on yourself or a loved one? TickCheck can test your tick and determine whether it carries the bacteria that transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

TickCheck Tick Testing is a university-affiliated lab in Pennsylvania that is dedicated to providing laboratory-quality tick testing to people in high-risk areas for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases nationwide.

Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the fastest, most accurate tick testing results. We are happy to have been able to help thousands of people and pets identify exposure to tick-borne diseases. Our testing services are trusted by doctors, veterinarians, government agencies, and companies nationwide.

We're proud to have earned excellent reviews from our customers! Our team is here to help if you have any questions, and we stand behind every tick we test. Got a tick? Order a tick test now!

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Recent Reviews from TickCheck Customers:

TickCheck Customer Review from Carleen Menkes

Carleen Menkes a month ago


When I found three feeding ticks on my dog I immediately saved and sent them off to Tick Check. Not only did I get immediate identification of the tick type, but I had my results within a day of my order arriving at the lab! And best news, the ticks tested negative for disease, saving my dog from unnecessary antibiotics and giving me an immense sense of relief! The customer service is top notch and based on that and the fast results I would recommend them wholeheartedly. I'll be sending any future ticks to them for testing

TickCheck Customer Review from Angelique Kneepkens

Angelique Kneepkens a month ago


Every time we find an attached tick, I send it to TickCheck, they send me a text/email as soon as they receive it, letting me know about the specie of the tick, and one or two days later, they send me the test results. It takes the stress off knowing that I know what to do after I get the results, and in most cases, the ticks were not Lyme carriers, preventing the unnecessary intake of antibiotics. I am so happy I found them, they make our NE springs and summers so much less stressful!

TickCheck Customer Review from Jay Stroud

Jay Stroud a month ago


The company was excellent in every respect. Their website is accessible, the service was prompt and highly efficient. Their communication was first-rate. I was also happy that the little bugger who bit me proved to be negative - but I was just happy to have the official word. Couldn't recommend them more highly. Nasty work to do - and they took it on in very positive ways.

TickCheck Customer Review from Nathan Oettinger

Nathan Oettinger a month ago


Very quick return of test results. And, very understanding when you fail to follow the obvious instructions and wait 2 weeks for a kit to arrive. 😂 Simply pay for the test, put the tick in a bag and mail it to them. Extremely simple. Especially when you read the instructions. Great service.

TickCheck Customer Review from Jade Justice

Jade Justice a month ago


The turn around was extremely fast, and I feel very relieved with the results. The bite on my arm where the tick had embedded itself healed quickly too. There was some concern at first because my arm swelled up around the bite for a day, but with herbal salves, the swelling went away.

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Did you just find a tick on yourself or a loved one? TickCheck can test your tick and determine whether it carries the bacteria that transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.