Notice: Turn-around-time guarantee is currently 72 hours upon receipt.

Request a Free Tick Identification

If you can upload one or more high-quality, detailed photographs of a tick to us, we can identify the tick's species for you free of charge. Please ensure at least one photograph depicts a clear and focused view of the tick's dorsal side (back). Another may show the tick's underbelly and mandible. Multiple photos can be attached on a single submission, but they should be of a single tick.

Before submitting, please check our tick identification guide to ensure your specimen is not some other insect or spider that resemebles a tick.

Poor example of a tick photo
Too small
Good example of a tick photo
Large; focused; well-lit
Unless you are on your mobile device with a weak data connection, there is no need to crop or scale down the photo. We support file sizes up to 8MB.

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